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Radial nerve entrapment (Spiral groove entrapment neuropathy)

The entrapment is often on the outside of the triceps (back of the arm) muscle and in the middle of the arm. Causes of entrapment are humerus (upper arm bone) fractures, external pressures (armrest on chair edge) and tumors. It can also occur due to iatrogenic (surgery-related) reasons such as heavy exercise, reverse surgery position, trauma, shoulder dislocation (dislocation), clavicle (collarbone) fracture and shoulder surgeries.

On neurological examination, there is weakness in raising (extension) of the fingers and thumb with a complete wrist drop. Elbow extension is normal. There is also incomplete feeling on the thumb side of the hand. Most of these patients recover spontaneously. Therefore, the surgical decision should be delayed. There is tenderness on examination along the direction of the nerve.


Surgical treatment should be planned in cases that do not respond to conservative treatment.

Surgically, the nerve trapped between the bone and muscle on the outer surface of the arm is rescued and relieved. Significant improvement in the patient's complaints is expected in the early postoperative period.

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