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Lateral femoral cutaneous nerve entrapment (Meralgia paresthetica)

This nerve, which provides the sensation of the outer surface of the leg, is compressed at the groin level where it exits between the muscles and ligaments, causing complaints. Obesity, the habit of using tight belts and clothes, sitting in an abnormal position for a long time, and some surgeries in that area are often the causes of nerve compression.


The patient has tingling, coldness, burning sensation and lightning-like pain on the outer surface of the leg. Initially, conservative approaches such as changing physical activity, removing tight belts, corsets and ties, and weight loss are preferred. If there is no relief, local nerve blocks or steroid injections are applied to the inguinal region.


In patients who do not respond to these treatments, surgery is considered in order to relieve the nerve from the pinched area in the inguinal region.

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