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Although I was born in Konya, on the steppe in Anatolia, I was always interested in the sea and maritime. When I became a member of the Navy in the last year of the Faculty of Medicine, I felt that my life would change completely and my passion for the sea increased even more. Finally, in 1991, when I was appointed as a first lieutenant to TCG Peyk as a medical officer, my first encounter with the sea and maritime took place.

My two years on this destroyer were the best years of my life. I was so interested in sailing that I never left the bridge. Especially in the silence of the night, I couldn't get enough of sitting on the swallow and listening to the sound of the waves and the water hitting the sides of the ship, and watching the charcoals created by the moonlight on the waves. 

Fortunately, after 2 years, my specialty hospital was in Istanbul, and although I can't be near the sea without working hard  at least I'm not on duty on Sundays.I used to go to Yeniköy at times, have breakfast by the sea, and spend the rest of my time close to the sea. Then back to Anatolia and 11 years in Ankara.

Finally, I meet the sea again. If everything goes as I hoped, I think it will be possible to reach my dream boat. Nothing can tear me from the sea. My route will always be the seas and my energy will be waves and wind.

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